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My name is Brent Palmer, Design Lead with over ten years experience delivering world-class interfaces. I’m passionate about technology, creativity and finding better ways to make products. I enjoy solving big, gnarly problems and complex apps get my juices flowing. I love coaching like-minded individuals who are excited about their craft and sweat the details. I play pedal steel guitar and consider myself all-around swell guy. My hair was featured in a TV commercial. Honest. 

When I’m not running around at TrendKite, you can find me online on Twitter, VSCO, Dribbble, and LinkedIn. Offline you can find me riding my bike or hanging out with my daughters who remind me that making mistakes is the best part of having fun. Hook ‘Em. 

User Experience, Design Management, UI Design, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Visual Design, Interaction Design


JP Morgan Chase, Cartoon Network, Silicon Labs, The Ritz-Carlton, PayPal, StubHub


Want to work together? Email me at: or call: 512-913-7726

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