I’m the Design Lead at Proof. I have over ten years of experience making great digital products and five years of experience managing teams. I live in Austin, Texas with my wife and two daughters. My side hustles are margaritas and playing pedal steel guitar.

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Product Design Lead, 2019–now

The sole designer at this early-stage YC-backed startup, I'm working with the founders to design and launch our core product, Smart Journeys. I'm spinning up the research function, installing a product process, and evolving the brand. I also design the koozies.

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Design Lead, 2018–2019

In a pure manager role, I coached three Senior Product Designers and set the direction for their careers and their work. As a group lead, I worked with my Engineering and Product peers to load balance, prioritize work, and align squads around goals to make car buying easy.

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Product Design Manager, 2016–2018

As a hybrid contributor/manager, I helped launch Zendesk Explore. I drove the research effort through Alpha and Beta phases, clarifying how customer support teams consume analytics and share reports. I worked under Toke Nygaard to redesign the acquired product (BIME) to fit within the Zendesk family. I also hired and managed one Senior Product Designer.

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Director UX, 2014–2016

I designed a set of tools for media companies to monitor and measure the impact of their PR. I was responsible for all design activities including product design, research, branding, and managing the design organization. I made a cool hat and some T-shirts.


Lead UX Designer, 2011–2013

Together with Michael Voege, we piloted PayPal's point-of-sale system with twelve international retailers, defining UI best practices for payment terminals. I also worked under Faran Najafi during PayPal's Shopping Showcase initiative. Its mission was to inspire retailers about the future of payments through Android and iPad apps.

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